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Hotels in Geneva

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1 Stars hotel 2 Stars hotel 3 Stars hotel 4 Stars hotel 5 Stars hotel
12/5/16 - 12/11/16 1 Stars hotel QAR352 2 Stars hotel QAR391 3 Stars hotel QAR486 4 Stars hotel QAR494 5 Stars hotel QAR970
12/12/16 - 12/18/16 1 Stars hotel QAR151 2 Stars hotel QAR207 3 Stars hotel QAR314 4 Stars hotel QAR347 5 Stars hotel QAR770
12/19/16 - 12/25/16 1 Stars hotel QAR159 2 Stars hotel QAR206 3 Stars hotel QAR304 4 Stars hotel QAR357 5 Stars hotel QAR923
12/26/16 - 1/1/17 1 Stars hotel QAR167 2 Stars hotel QAR163 3 Stars hotel QAR285 4 Stars hotel QAR362 5 Stars hotel QAR894

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About Geneva

Lake Geneva is an important part of the city, surrounded by numerous parks and gardens that lend the city amplitude, cleanliness and beauty. The Rhone River divides the city in two, with the historic quarter (Vieille Ville) situated to the south of the river. The most distinguished monument in Geneva city centre is the Saint Pierre Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre) from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries with its curious blend of Roman, Gothic and neoclassical styles. If you climb up the north tower, you’ll enjoy incredible views of the lake.

Nearby, you can visit a masterpiece of sixteenth-century architecture, the City Hall or Hôtel Ville. In the Place du Bourg-de-Four city square, you can soak up the atmosphere of Geneva and relax in a picturesque tavern. Just past the Museum of Art and History, which contains the first representation, from 1444, of a biblical scene in European painting, you’ll find the Russian Church, an excellent example of nineteenth-century Byzantine architecture. Turning towards the cathedral and heading towards the river, take a look at the stained-glass windows of the Church of Mary Magdalene, located on the street of the same name, and observe the seven human rights messages depicted by the painter Venturelli and recognized by UNESCO. Just before you reach the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), you’ll find yourself in the English Garden, which houses the National Monument and the second largest Flower Clock in the world. In the middle of the lake, facing the garden, you can observe the famous 140-metre high Water Fountain (Jet d’Eau), which is one of the symbols of Geneva.

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In Geneva we will have clear sky, warm attire is recommended.

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