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Hotels in Acapulco

Average price per hotel night and category in Acapulco for the following weeks

2 2 Stars hotel 3 3 Stars hotel 4 4 Stars hotel 5 5 Stars hotel
1/23/17 - 1/29/17 2 2 Stars hotel QAR51 3 3 Stars hotel QAR91 4 4 Stars hotel QAR143 5 5 Stars hotel QAR259
1/30/17 - 2/5/17 2 2 Stars hotel QAR95 3 3 Stars hotel QAR111 4 4 Stars hotel QAR215 5 5 Stars hotel QAR341
2/6/17 - 2/12/17 2 2 Stars hotel QAR68 3 3 Stars hotel QAR97 4 4 Stars hotel QAR153 5 5 Stars hotel QAR274
2/13/17 - 2/19/17 2 2 Stars hotel QAR61 3 3 Stars hotel QAR97 4 4 Stars hotel QAR252 5 5 Stars hotel QAR306

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About Acapulco

A city and Mexican port in the state of Guerrero, where temperatures are pleasant 365 days of the year. Acapulco is the gateway and main tourist destination on the west coast of Mexico, where the sea and mountains shake hands with each other.
As an ancient city, Acapulco can presume to have a multitude of residents who have left quite a story behind the city. From Nahoa to Olmecas, as well as other local villages, which bear witness to the steps of time in this bay of difficult access, but with all the facilities for the current pace of life.
"We are better", is the motto of this city and Mexican port, and the truth is that Acapulco is one of the best developed destinations in the whole country, betting strongly on the diversification of industries, but without forgetting its main attraction, sea and sand tourism.
Nowadays, Acapulco has 16 beaches with historical names such as Hornos, Icacos, Majahua and Pie de la Cuesta. Its beaches constantly enjoy warm temperatures, almost throughout the whole year. The rainy season is in the summer months.
The best attractions in Acapulco are linked to tourism, as we have said, specialized in sun and beaches, such as fishing, launches, speedboats or diving, although the city has other attractions like the Botanic Garden or the fort of San Diego, the most important historical monuments in the area, which is also a museum.
Acapulco is the most direct option for Americans and Europeans during the cold winter months, being a great alternative to the Mexican counterpart Cancun, but less crowded than the big resorts on the beaches of Mexico.
Acapulco today 27°C
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In Acapulco we will have clear sky, a rise in temperature is expected; dress in soft clothing.

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