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Hotels in Buenos Aires

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1 Stars hotel 2 Stars hotel 3 Stars hotel 4 Stars hotel 5 Stars hotel
1/16/17 - 1/22/17 1 Stars hotel QAR67 2 Stars hotel QAR77 3 Stars hotel QAR146 4 Stars hotel QAR224 5 Stars hotel QAR456
1/23/17 - 1/29/17 1 Stars hotel QAR77 2 Stars hotel QAR88 3 Stars hotel QAR158 4 Stars hotel QAR247 5 Stars hotel QAR534
1/30/17 - 2/5/17 1 Stars hotel QAR68 2 Stars hotel QAR84 3 Stars hotel QAR150 4 Stars hotel QAR234 5 Stars hotel QAR511
2/6/17 - 2/12/17 1 Stars hotel QAR115 2 Stars hotel QAR144 3 Stars hotel QAR262 4 Stars hotel QAR366 5 Stars hotel QAR825

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About Buenos Aires

The capital of the Argentine Republic is proud of its origins, its city and its inhabitants. Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world and one of the most attractive to foreigners. Founded in 1810 on the banks of La Plata River, the city has become one of the great metropolises of South America and the world. Baptized originally as “Nuestra Señora del Buen Aire”, the capital of Argentina has remained a center of attention, whether political, cultural or economic.
Of temperate climate and situated in the Southern hemisphere of the planet, Buenos Aires has its warm summer months in November, December and January. Its location causes the city to receive tourists throughout the year: during the time coinciding with the Northern hemisphere’s summer season as well as during the warmer months in order to enjoy the country’s many attractions.
Due to the city’s great size, the monuments and main places of interest are distributed all over, although like all capitals, they are mainly concentrated in the city’s historical center. Of international character is the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, where it is still possible to see the Mothers of the Plaza walking with photos of the ‘desaparecidos’, their kidnapped children. You can strike up a pleasant conversation with them, as they are used to curious onlookers. In this neighborhood we can admire the peculiarities of The Pink House, or The Town Hall. It is in this square where also we can find the cathedral that holds the mausoleum of Don Jose de San Martin, the father of Argentina. Moving from the city’s center, we cross the districts of Tigre and Palermo, to relax among its lakes and ample green zones. Take a walk by the port zone, between Puerto Madera and Boca. Buenos Aires can also boast of its great cultural development. The presence of numerous museums, and the importance of their universities, corroborates this pride. Don’t miss the Museum of Modern Art or the National Historical Museum. It is impossible to over-emphasize a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery, which contains some of the most beautiful mausoleums in the world. Among them is the tomb of Eva Perón, which daily receives the highest number of visitors and whose flowers are replaced every day. Buenos Aires, known as “the Paris of South America”, is a noble and warm city, the vanguard of a continent.
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