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Hotels in Lloret de Mar

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1/16/17 - 1/22/17 1 Stars hotel QAR692 2 Stars hotel QAR442 3 Stars hotel QAR458 4 Stars hotel QAR304 5 Stars hotel QAR884
1/23/17 - 1/29/17 1 Stars hotel QAR71 2 Stars hotel QAR440 3 Stars hotel QAR450 4 Stars hotel QAR359 5 Stars hotel QAR884
1/30/17 - 2/5/17 1 Stars hotel QAR695 2 Stars hotel QAR440 3 Stars hotel QAR300 4 Stars hotel QAR206 5 Stars hotel QAR1,141
2/6/17 - 2/12/17 1 Stars hotel QAR690 2 Stars hotel QAR823 3 Stars hotel QAR447 4 Stars hotel QAR219 5 Stars hotel QAR595

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About Lloret de Mar

Lloret del Mar is one of the most frequented summering places on the Costra Brava. Belonging to the county of La Selva in Girona, it has many excellent beaches of heavy sand, and magnificent castle views. Due to its numerous coves of equal quality and beauty, none tend to be overly crowded.

Five of its beaches are distinguished by the Blue Flag of the EU.
There are beaches for all tastes. La Boadella in particular is the only beach in the region where nudism is practiced: with a mix of sand and vegetation, nudists gather at the far end of the Boadella beach. Some, like Playa Tortuga, are difficult to access, and the lack of tourist facilities and its rocky composition leave it unaccustomed to visitors.

The best known is the beach of Lloret, an urban seashore with comprehensive tourist facilities and infrastructure.
Before the arrival of tourism Lloret del Mar was the prime vacation city for Catalan families, and they left their mark on the cuisine offered in this region, with “suquet” and fish being one of the most typical dishes.
The city’s numerous monuments give evidence to its grand history. You can pass by the Santa Clotilde Gardens, visit the Castell d’en Plaja, Iberian towns and numerous hermitages, or enjoy yourselves at Waterworld, the aquatic park.

Furthermore, Lloret counts on outstanding night life, attracting numerous DJs and putting on concerts to light up its nights. There are discoteques, pubs, and bars – locales for all tastes. This nightlife zone is centered on the Avenida Just Marles and the surrounding streets.
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In Lloret de Mar we will have heavy intensity rain, warm clothing is advised.

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